Does Solar Save Me Money?

Does Solar Save Me Money?

Most home and business owners think the cost of installing solar panels will far exceed the amount of money solar power would save them. At Tiger Electrical, we believe solar panels are not only the future, but a cost-effective solution for residential and commercial properties in Western Colorado.


Lower Electricity Costs

By replacing the use of fossil fuels with solar power, you’re bound to save money on monthly electric bills. Not only that, but any unused electrical power is actually stored within the panel grid to be used at another time. Since Colorado sees 300 days of sunlight per year, solar panels are an excellent investment.


Tax Breaks

Did you know you can get tax incentives for installing solar panels? There are several government programs and tax exemptions for solar utilities in the U.S. that would allow you to save on installation costs or receive a rebate for commercial installations. Learn more about solar benefits now!


Tiger Electric Offers Financing Options

Tiger Electric has partnered with Sunlight Financial to help you access solar power capabilities more easily. By working with us, you’ll be able to get a loan that requires no down payment and will cover the installation costs.


Short-Term vs. Long-Term Savings

If you choose a financing option like our program or personal loans from a creditor, it’s important to weigh the costs and consider the impact over a long timespan. For the intermediate future, it may seem like you’re swimming in solar debt, but as you continue to save on energy costs or if you sell your home, you’ll notice a significant return on your investment.


Shrinking your carbon footprint by installing solar panels on your home or office could end up saving you thousands of dollars over time. There are many ecological and financial benefits of solar energy. As specialists and advocates in this field, please contact Tiger Electrical with any questions! We’d love to help you grow the use of solar in Western Colorado!

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