Are you ready for your electrical system to be solar powered? If so, Tiger Electric is ready to help. Colorado is famous for its 300 days of sunshine per year. Why not capture this abundant renewable energy, and turn into a valuable, self-sustaining asset for your home? Our team of electrical experts understand what it takes to install and service the electrical components of your solar panels and photovoltaics.


Solar Saves You Money

Did you know that you could qualify for tax credits for installing solar? There are several utility incentive programs and property tax exemptions you can take advantage of when you install solar at your home or business. Tiger Electric can help you install that energy efficient system that is not only reduces your carbon footprint, but also puts money back in your pocket.

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Living in Colorado, you get 10 months of sunshine. With these 300 days of powerful sun washing over your home, it makes sense to take advantage of these free solar rays. At Tiger Electric, Inc., our licensed, experienced electricians are dedicated to installing professional electrical systems into Colorado properties. When it comes to solar power, there are numerous advantages to installing panels and photovoltaics in Colorado.


Tax Rebate For Solar Installations

Going solar is so important that agencies and government programs have begun putting into place numerous incentive programs and exemptions for solar utilities. The federal solar tax credit allows you to deduct 26% of the cost of installing a solar-powered energy system from your federal taxes. This investment tax credit is uncapped, meaning if you install several solar panels for your business property, all of the installations receive a rebate. With the help of Tiger Electric, you can have these energy-efficient systems installed by certified professional electricians.


Financing Solutions

We are also partnered with Sunlight Financial so you and your solar project can have great financing options. Sunlight Financial is devoted to growing solar-powered systems, so they work with us to offer you loans on these installations to save you money with no down payments. At Tiger Electric, we are committed to giving you the best electrical systems in the state. That’s why we come up with financial plans that can work for anyone.


Save Money on Electric Bills

Because solar-powered systems don’t use fossil fuels — and are sourced from the sun, instead — you save money on your electric bill. This benefit is further compounded because excess electricity gets returned to the grid, so it is stored for future use. When you go through the installation process of solar panels and photovoltaics, our team will give you an estimate on what your new monthly bill will come to. Typically, clients end up saving money and their homes’ values increase.


Environmental Benefits

Transitioning to solar energy does not just save you money, it also is a step toward saving our environment. Because it is a renewable energy that does not produce air pollution or any greenhouse gases, solar energy is a sustainable replacement for typical non-renewable energy systems you find in homes. By installing solar panels for your property, you can be an active participant in the fight against climate change. In the process, solar energy reduces your water usage and makes the air you breathe cleaner.

Residing in Colorado without a solar-powered energy system is a waste of a great opportunity. With so much annual sunlight, you can be storing a powerful renewable energy that not only can preserve our environment, but can also save you money. Get in touch with the Tiger Electric team to find out more about our installation options.

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